I’ll have the à la carte please

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Over consumption of food has lead to a health epidemic in America. Forgo the value meal by ordering the main item only.
Cute attractive girl examining car engine at the auto repair shop

We know a mechanic, it’s you!

YouTube makes it easy to work on your car. DIY the simple maintenance jobs and troubleshoot the knock, hiss, or squeal before you bring your car in for service.

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Young caucasian man holding a fly swatter looking sideways with doubtful and skeptical expression.

They call you the Exterminator

Forgo the $60/mo pest control service and do it yourself. Visit your local Bug and Weed store for the right stuff to get it done.

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Bearded man in vest on red background. Men cut their hair with hairdressing scissors.

Be your own Supercuts

We’re serious about this one. Cutting your hair is easier than it looks. Buy a set of clippers and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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Portion of fusilli pasta with traditional and tomato pesto

Honey, I Think We Should Split!

If you and your spouse can decide on a meal then go for it. Your waist will thank you for it… and so will your wallet.

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woman cashier working

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

Many companies offer a 5-10% discount for active duty, reserve, and retired military members. Ask and Forgo the savings.

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Beautiful young woman is holding vegetables in grocery bag in studio yellow  background

Thank you Loyal Shopper

Don’t you love seeing the amount saved at the bottom of your grocery receipt? Forgo this amount and to keep it growing.

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Go Ahead and Buy at the Checkout Line

Considering that candy bar, chewing gum, or gossip mag? Forgo the urge and spend the money a better way!

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Computer engineer working on broken cables in his office

Cut the Cord

Realize the cash-saving benefit of live TV streaming services and Forgo your parent’s costly cable TV plan.

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one and done

One drink less means more for you

When dining out we often go for another round. Set a goal to Forgo that extra glass for a $5 to $10 boost.

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